Planning Ahead

More and more people are realizing the advantages
of pre-arranging their funerals.

The process is simple, and the benefits to the loved ones who are left to handle the arrangements are well recognized. Some of the benefits of pre-arranging are:

  • Pre-planning allows you to express your own wishes
  • It means that your loved ones will not have to make a number of important decisions during a time of mourning
  • Your funeral plan is transferable, in case you move away
  • It relieves your family of the financial burden
  • It allows your loved ones to spend their time comforting each other during a time of grief, instead of concerning themselves with the specifics of the arrangements
  • When pre-planning, there are both guaranteed and non-guaranteed plans available to choose from
  • It allows you the opportunity to discuss your final arrangements with family members to ensure clarity, and to ensure that those responsible are comfortable with all of your decisions


While there are several advantages to paying for all or part of your final arrangements during pre-planning with us, it is not necessary. Like everything else about pre-planning, paying for final arrangements is deeply personal and should conform to your situation and wishes. Many people pre-pay only for their monument and/or their casket. Since these items customarily increase in cost every year, prepayment is a practical way to minimize the costs that the family will be responsible for. We have several attractive options available for dealing with pre-arranged final expenses, and we will gladly review and discuss them with you to find the best one for you.

To see a list of the most commonly asked questions about final arrangements and pre-planning, view our FAQs.

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You may begin the pre-planning process online now, in the comfort of your own home, by filling out our online pre-planning form – click here to begin the process. A staff member at Retz Funeral Home will contact you very soon after we receive it.

You can also download a pre-planning form, print and fill it out when you are ready.